Above Discovery

ISBN 9781778430206

Paperback, 120 pages

Invisible Publishing Indiebound

Amazon Chapters Indigo

May 23, 2023

From the publisher:

“It is the part that is missing that I am drawn to, that I try to pin down. My gaze is always divided by what is here and what is no longer here. That, for me, is where the deepest pleasure lies, where the sweet overcomes the bitter.”

A couple coping with a recent loss are tasked with taking stock of a late biology enthusiast’s hoard. A support worker dedicated to rehabilitating young women suffering from, among other things, a certain unexpected effect of the climate apocalypse faces a truth that shatters the illusion separating her work and her personal life. An archaeologist formerly working in Syria struggles with her decision to flee from unrest, while the people she has left behind face an uncertain fate.

In Jennifer Falkner’s richly imagined first collection, past and present glancingly converge, making the familiar outlines of myth, history, and everyday life seem suddenly strange. With spare, elegant prose, Falkner introduces the reader to those whose narratives are written in the language of empty space. Above Discovery is a stunning debut collection from an author to watch.

“Jen Falkner’s stories bring us not only into wondrous worlds, but deep into vivid and fascinating lives. It isn’t often that a collection invites you into its stories so completely that you come to inhabit its characters, but that’s exactly what’s on offer in Above Discovery. We as readers are enthralled, challenged, and implicated. This book is one to savour, and Jen Falkner is a writer to watch.”
—Andrew Forbes, author of The Utility of Boredom and Lands and Forests

Susanna Hall, Her Book

ISBN 978-0-9780054-8-1

Paperback, 154 pages

Fish Gotta Swim Editions

May 15, 2022

From the publisher: “It’s July, 1643, and Susanna Hall has just been told that a visitor has arrived at the door of New Place, Stratford-upon-Avon. Susanna, the widow of physician John Hall, and the eldest daughter of William Shakespeare, has reasons for not wanting to host Henrietta Maria, wife of Charles 1, in her home. A civil war is raging, with skirmishes fought close to Stratford and an injured boy lies under Susanna’s roof, needing her skills as healer. Where should she place her loyalties? Who can Susanna trust in order to keep her patient and her family safe? In this taut novella, Jennifer Falkner creates a richly imagined tapestry in which ghosts hover, plants are gathered, potions are concocted, secrets are hidden, and the reader is led through a moment in history, both personal and prophetic, and as potent as any in recent fiction.”

“…a gorgeous and haunting novella…” —Kerry Clare, author of Waiting for a Star to Fall.

“Tense and haunting, Susanna Hall, Her Book, is a wonderful addition to the body of fiction on the Shakespeare family, and one which takes Susanna and truly makes her the heroine of her own story, as the title declares.” —The Miramichi Reader.

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